Getac B300 Ultra Rugged Notebook

Most of the time, we see notebooks as very delicate and fragile devices which cannot handle grueling tasks given to it by the user or operator. but just like the world of smartphones, there are some tough biscuits out there for you to chew on. if you are in the market for a tough and rugged notebook, then the likes of Panasonic or those from Getac would have caught your attention in the past. Gestac has taken its turn this time around to present their new and improved innovation: The B300 Ultra-Rugged Notebook. It has been made out to be the fastest, most secure as well as toughest notebook in its class when it comes to handling tough and grueling tasks and applications.

This next generation B300 ultra-rugged notebook has the kind of cohorness required which makes it suitable for the likes of military personnel, law enforcement and field technicians. It also comes backed by the industry’s five-year warranty. Powered by Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake Core i7 processor, you can count on computer and GPU performances sky-rocketing while power consumption is reduced. The Dual hot swappable batteries ensure up to 30 hours between charges and potentially infinite battery life.

With its 13.3” touchscreen display (Getsac’s brightest screen till date at 1400 nits), it provides ample real estate applications with minimal scrolling. The screen can also be viewed with Night-Vision googles without additional screen filters due to its one-touch feature, the full-sized keyboard will be backlit in red (and green) to avoid silhouetting, which is essential for safety and covert operations.

Other Specifications include TPM 2.0 that monitors and protects system start-ups to ensure the device is tamper-free. Connectivity options include a trio of USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA, LAN, two serial and mic input/audio output. The entire shebang is MIL-STD 810G- and IP65-certified that allows it to survive drops up to six feet, driving rainstorms, dust, sand and extreme temperatures, from -20˚F to 140˚F (Operating temperature) and -40˚F to 160˚F (Storage temperature). Looks like it can only be bested by the Blue Screen of Death and nothing else.